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Mafia Training Book
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29th Jul 2014

*1) Start Your Career in Mafia family as a "Hired gun". Earn your money and respect, Use your new knowledge to move up in the family! *2) Record your $ earned in game in coatrooms (Business/Bank) Then, after you record (Deposit) $ in "bank chat" Log your adventure/$ earned in "bank chat" into your "Profile Info" (Current Wallet Balance) on website. *3) Everyday will be different.. Some days you'll be solo & some days you'll be with a crew just remain in your Role play while in free mode. *4) Learn Mafia Work List! They will help your income & reputation!
*2) How to claim Turf, Property or Businesses. Certain homes can be claimed simply by taking a picture of desired property, posting it on website and Rockstar social club. Then use it often in free mode lobbies. make it known to the public that this is your home or place. 
*3) Businesses, Turf and Rackets are earned via Death matches or Race bet gambling. Your job is to acquire businesses and crime rings for your family to own and run in free lobbies for your role play session. Turf,Rings and Businesses can be taken from you in a Death match for your turf, ring or business. (Always good to record property battles for proof of ownership after a Win!)
                HOW TO PLAY YOUR ROLE
*How to be a "Hired gun" - Once your hired by a family, as a hired gun your the extra gun for your family . protecting the perimeters , entrance and exit points the family is currently located. *To retaliate on any one who shoots your family! Always respect the orders of the "SOLDIER,CAPO,UNDER BOSS and DON" Ranks.
*How to be a "Soldier" - As Soldier of family you are to collect the $ for the family! by any means necessary You are to report to your "Capo"  about your dealings and to protect your "Capo". You are a member of your capo's crew! You represent the family's force!
*How to be a "Capo" - As Capo of family you have a lot of pressure on you from the Under boss your boss.The only thing that matters to you is if your crew is doing well and the Under boss is happy! You make sure everyone under you is staying productive doing their jobs , making $ for the family! You always Salute the "Don".

*How to be a "Under boss" - As Under boss you must make sure The Dons plans are met! You are responsible for "Capos",You make sure your Capo's have a full crew always. You make sure the family is staying "under the radar" with the police, enforcing it if need to. You are responsible for the capo's dealings. You make sure every location the don resides is protected always! Reporting the family's business affairs to the Don is mandatory! You would take charge if the Don is absent. (If there are Under bosses undecided?.. then they must have a vote by the members of their family.)
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