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Laws of La Cosa Nostra
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29th Jul 2014

1~ Always respect the oath!
2~Never point A gun at family (Same Name).. Only if ordered by the "Don".
3~ Assist any family member that may be in distress or outgunned!
4~ Never betray your family!
5~ You must make $ and record it properly
6~ You must report to all family meetings if online during a meeting (In game or Vchat).
7~Any member performing a contract 'hit' should be a member of website given a 'hit' message by the "Don" have a camera to record & Cannot leave game until they make a escape to the airport! If hitman die in room at anytime before making it to airport fails job!
8~Never disrespect your family,Don or Godfather! If you shoot a member by mistake you must offer victim a Share Cash &/or a picture reward for your misfire/accident.
9~No weapons in hand during a meeting! (You will be shot!)
10~No racist comments (You will be deleted)
11~ Never reveal family secrets or plans to outsiders!
12~All members must join 'business chat' so you can see who's affiliated & who's not!
13~ Keep your car clean and drive clean.
14~ Honor Your Positions duty's and no jumping ranks. A Don MUST have a ceremony before being able to start a LCN family or create their Don account.

15~ Have fun! "Its roll play!"
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