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*Military Arms Shipping Co.
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29th Jul 2014

*Military Arms Shipping Co.

*Arms Delivery: There is a Military style Truck in south Alderney SE of pay n spray or Paletto Bay ammo store N. Los Santos (TOOL) Use it by taking it to starting point (Any Ship dock w/ Crates & boxes or To make rounds to Ammunations. Start by Loading each box from Gunstore,Dock,Ship container (by walking squatting for each box you lift carrying it to truck & load it by typing in business chat! 1,2,3 etc..) Each Gun crate is worth $20,000 no more than $100,000 *For larger boxes use a Forklift.Once loaded type: "Now hldng ($?) wrth of artillery" add up per bx! / Now 2nd step is: Drive the shipment SAFELY (open free room) to ALL GUN STORES in Each City (walk Ins) & unload # box you choose to each GUN STORE (squat reps for loading & unloading).Every Successful delivery to each store your "Crate" turn into $ type in business chat: "Now holding ($?) cash!" / 3rd step: Drive to any atm in city & make a cash deposit, standing at ATM typing your "SAVED" cash amount in the (%Financial Log) to read & copy to your Website profile (WALLET BALANCE) / *If your shipment gets destroyed? You LOSE $0 or $ product!

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